[K12OSN] Switches

Jason Straw lists at misato.us
Fri Dec 2 04:25:47 UTC 2005

Les Mikesell wrote:

>On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 21:44, Jason Straw wrote:
>>My suggestion is that if you go above 2 24 port switches... buy a 8 port
>>1000bt switch and link all the 100s to the 1000.  my dorm building here
>>is on 5 100s with 1000 daisychain... but it was half duplex and things
>>got ugly in a hurry.  they had to go back and implement a 1000bt switch
>>above it.
>That's a different case where each end point might be connected to
>a different place.  With a single server connected on a single
>gig port and everything else talking to that server, the
>daisy-chained links won't be a bottleneck.  But there may be
>other reasons to want a star layout instead.
nope... 95%+ of generated traffic is upstream...

The more connections generated, the worse the switches do.  You gain a
lot of sanity by running a star, and you can _ensure Full Duplex_.



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