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Re: [K12OSN] Switches

Well here's what I'm going to do... From amer.com:

SGD8 - 8 1000meg ports
2xSR24G2 - 2 1000meg ports, 24 100meg ports

So the server will go into the SGD8. Then a line will go out of that into each of the two SR24G2 - one right in the lab and one in the library. Then later on I can get a third SR24G2 for the LAC room, and still have a few ports left on the SGD8 to go to classrooms, though I'm not sure exactly how that will work.

Does that sound like a good idea? It's $430USD for that hardware. I'm a little worried about whether it's the right thing for the school. Do you guys think that switching to this setup will alleviate a huge amount of the traffic problems they're having? I think the current setup is really bad. The server puts out 1000megs but it goes right into a 100meg port... Then all the clients come out of that, plus another line goes from there to the library, and is further split to all the PCs in there. I havn't seen it when students are in there but the teachers say it is barely useable when they're all logged in, and some can't even boot up while the network is in heavy use.

Jason Straw wrote:
My suggestion is that if you go above 2 24 port switches... buy a 8 port
1000bt switch and link all the 100s to the 1000.  my dorm building here
is on 5 100s with 1000 daisychain... but it was half duplex and things
got ugly in a hurry.  they had to go back and implement a 1000bt switch
above it.

gKw-X wrote:

That was my original plan but I think it might get messy, especially
if they plan to expand upstairs, as there would have to be several
outgoing 1000meg cables from the lab. I noticed managed switches are
significantly more... I think I'll go with the amer.com unmanaged
ones, in total it will only be about $450 or so to wire the place, and
that should keep them going for quite a while.

Thanks guys!

Les Mikesell wrote:

On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 15:19, gKw-X wrote:

Just to give you an idea of numbers, currently they have 18
computers in the lab and another 8 or so in the library. Eventually
they will likely have another 10 upstairs, and possibly more in the
library. Nothing massive, but they want it to run really smoothly to
keep the parents happy.

For something that size you could probably get by daisy-chaining
the gig ports of 2/24 switches with the server at one end of
the run.  You aren't likely to see any performance difference
between managed and unmanaged switches.

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