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Re: [K12OSN] *AntiVirus Solution*

Clam seems to work well on our linux servers and windows boxes -- I frankly haven't bothered with AV for Macintosh, which is probably kind of dumb, but...... 

I know we cam across a windows virus a couple of days ago that Clam was the first to detect and quarantine -- which I thought was pretty cool for Open Source software.

At my last job we used Sophos, and the is an option to quarantine (move) infected files, next time I work on an old machine I will dig up the preferences and let you know where the option is.




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On Dec 2, 2005, at 10:51 PM, Paul VanGundy wrote:


Do any of you use ClamAV or KlamAV as your sole antivirus solution in
your organizations? We have used Symantec, which we left, and are
currently using Sophos Anti-Virus since it runs on Macs, Windows and
Linux. However, Sophos doesn't handle infected files very well. Instead
of quarantining the files it leaves them where they are and just informs
the administrator that the computer/user has an infected file. Not an
acceptable solution for our environment. 

So again, have/do any of you use ClamAV/KlamAV as your sole antivirus
solution and how is it working for you and do you recommend it for
heterogeneous networks? Any comments or suggestions from anyone on this
is welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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