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Re: [K12OSN] Introduction and questions

Les Mikesell wrote:
On Sat, 2005-12-03 at 22:26, Mike Ely wrote:
My current environment is fairly straightforward: we have a Samba 3 domain for 'doze clients, not nearly enough Macs, and for this particular server, all the student users will be logging in with the same domain account. This presents a potential difficulty with regard to Firefox and also with OpenOffice, as my recollection was that both of those applications really didn't much like being launched more than once by a given user.

That seems like a particularly bad idea since anyone will be able
to delete everyone else's saved work, aside from the problems
you mention.  But if you can't set up individual logins, how
about having each workstation auto-login with its own account
to avoid conflicts with running programs that expect to have
unique files in their $HOME directory?

For starters, that will probably work, and I intend to create student accounts as soon as time allows, but in general I really prefer that any computer can access any set of files, as my experience has been that assigning students to computers creates sometimes-unsurmountable hassles when the lab is over-full, a machine breaks down, or teachers decide to move the kids around for student management reasons.

I've got a little bit of time - the lab is going to be exclusively used to run Firefox for state online testing for a few weeks, and I'll make it clear that document saving will be unreliable during that time period.

Once student accounts are setup, I will rewrite my old "slayer" initscript that scans for sessions owned by generic student accounts every ten seconds and runs "slay" on them if it finds any. Very lightweight shellscript that does a fine job.


PS: Does anyone else think that "running programs that expect to have unique files in their $HOME directory" is an example of developer sloppiness? I can see the use for it in, say, a mail client, but a word proccessor? Web browser? Please! fork(), tee, etc. (not to mention if loops), are there for a reason!

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