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David Trask dtrask at vcsvikings.org
Sun Dec 4 15:43:53 UTC 2005

So...you're not using IceWM?  That's the first mistake.  You really
should.  IceWM is MUCH faster and YOU set up the menus.  Did you attend my
session at the McAuliffe conference on K12LTSP?  I showed my own server
with IceWM running as the desktop mgr....with the menu that I configured. 
Simple to do and thus in your case you can simply leave out the games you
don't want to show.  Remember...Ubuntu (which Rocks by the
way)....K12LTSP....or for that matter...LTSP on any distro can be made to
look and act like any other distro from an end users standpoint. 
But...seriously....if you want speed and configurability....use IceWM

I have posted my presentations from the McAuliffe conference online....if
you download the K12LTSP one....my screenshots are on slides 41 &
42....now remember, I have a K-8 school so it looks elementary, but it
does show how one can simply make their own menus (the whole menu on slide
42 was made by me...and it's EASY).  I've also included my Ubuntu slide
show.  BTW you can also use SMEG to configure your Gnome menus.  I use
icecc or icemc to do my IceWM menus (which are simply a text file anyway
located in /usr/share/icewm)...both icecc and icemc are GUI's that come
with K12LTSP and also can be installed on others.

Slide shows are here:


download either the OpenOffice version or the PowerPoint version

vangundypw at sau14.k12.nh.us on Sun Dec  4 2005 at 00:40 +0000 wrote:
>WARNING: The following is my opinion and is based off of my
>experiences :)
>I am finding that K12LTSP is quite exceptional at the primary education
>level. The games and applications available to students at that age are
>broad and deep. However, I am finding that K12LTSP isn't very robust for
>our high school level students. K12LTSP is quite "kiddish" to most of
>our high school students as they see TuxPaint, TuxType and the Mr.
>Potato Head type games. Granted, I can deselect the packages that I
>don't wish to be installed but then what am I left with? LTSP.
>I am currently getting Ubuntu LTSP up and running and it is going very
>well. I believe that Ubuntu LTSP will fit in quite well in our high
>school (besides, I like debian based distros GO APT-GET! :)) as I will
>then install and configure applications that will meet the needs of our
>high school students.
>Why am I even emailing this you may ask? I am curious as to other users
>experience with K12LTSP in their high schools...or even if any of you
>use it in your high schools. I hear of it being used a lot in the
>elementary and middle school levels. Granted, I have been to Exeter, NH
>where they use it in one of their high schools but it resembles LTSP
>more than K12LTSP. Those that have Linux in your high schools, do you do
>stand alones, LTSP, or K12LTSP? Thanks.
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