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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP...My Opinion

Paul VanGundy wrote:

Again, I am not complaining about K12LTSP, I am just trying to see what
high schools use. I am not for or against K12LTSP, not talking about
what's more mature, not saying Ubuntu is better, I know how to edit
menus, etc. We have K12LTSP running in one of our schools right now
authenticating against a Windows ADS and it's awesome. I am just simply
asking what other high schools use: A Linux distro of their choice with
LTSP or K12LTSP. I have heard people talk about using K12LTSP in their
elementary school and middle school settings but never in a high school
setting. That's all I am wondering.


Well, I did build a SuSE 9.2 server a while ago, and installed LTSP on it. My reasons for doing so were various: I wanted to get a strong sense of how LTSP worked; I liked (and still do like) SuSE much better than RedHat; at the time there was nothing even remotely resembling the KDE Kiosk API for Gnome (other than diving headlong into gconf hell - no thanks!); I wanted a general-purpose distro to beat up a bit as I was learning AD auth for linux at the time; and more to the point, I was building a specialized lab for the high- and middle-school students to do two essential tasks on (TESA and wordprocessing), and not a general-purpose computer lab.

If you've got a very specific list of applications you want to allow students access to, are comfortable mucking about within your distribution of choice, and perhaps most importantly, have _time_ to work on the project, then my guess is that you'll be happier doing a "pure" LTSP implementation based upon the specific needs of your campus. For my part, I've got a lab that needed to be done two weeks ago, am about to begin my second week of work at this district, and require something running sooner than later, so I'll be leaning more heavily on the work of the K12OS developers in the near term and worry about customizing things later.


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