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Re: [K12OSN] RSS feed suggestions?

On Sun, 4 Dec 2005, Quentin Hartman wrote:


I am in the final stages of rolling out a new district webpage built
around a CMS called Webgui. One of it's features is to easily add
syndicated content from other sites via rss feeds. It occurred to me that
this would be a good way to get "free" content updates and improve the
perception of the new site. Do any of you know of sites with good rss
feeds that would appeal to the typical K-12 website audience? I see that
as parents, teachers, students, in that order of priority. Personally, I'd
have no problem finding techy ones, but the school-centric ones are
proving harder to find...

I grepped my proxy logs and didn't find much, mostly tech & newspaper feeds.

I poked around the BBC & CNN and found education RSS feeds:


The Department of Education has a feed:


And I ran across this one:



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