[K12OSN] Missing root-path

Paul Unwin paulunwin at sdschool.enterprise-plc.com
Mon Dec 5 13:40:20 UTC 2005

Hi all,
         I hope one of you guys can help a Linux virgin as they say ??

Whilst trying to learn a bit more about Linux i decided to try installing k12 on a small spare server at school.

All was well and ok until i tried to access via a "thin client" which is actually just another pc booted from Etherboot... 

The thin client finds the server, gets an ip number, and starts loading the kernel

Everything looks good at this point !! and TUX appears in the top lefthand corner of the screen..

THEN Just after the message appears :::::

""running dhcpcd on port 67  

eth0:media link On 100Mbts full duplex

Error!! No root-path, Check dhcp config etc etc etc..""

The beasty hangs on me...!!

I have looked at the dhcp config and cannot see a problem. the option root-path appears to be specified ok???

any suggestions Please..Remember i am a virgin here just 3days into linux !!!

best regards Paul

Springwell Dene School

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