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Re: [K12OSN] *AntiVirus Solution*

I have Clam installed in a couple of non-LTSP environments and it works just fine. The thing to do is have it run on your mail server so that it scans ALL mail before it gets to the clients. That way you don't have to worry about having a cross platform solution or whether every client has the latest version, etc. Kinda the LTSP approach, where the work is done at the server not the client.


Paul VanGundy wrote:

Do any of you use ClamAV or KlamAV as your sole antivirus solution in
your organizations? We have used Symantec, which we left, and are
currently using Sophos Anti-Virus since it runs on Macs, Windows and
Linux. However, Sophos doesn't handle infected files very well. Instead
of quarantining the files it leaves them where they are and just informs
the administrator that the computer/user has an infected file. Not an
acceptable solution for our environment.
So again, have/do any of you use ClamAV/KlamAV as your sole antivirus
solution and how is it working for you and do you recommend it for
heterogeneous networks? Any comments or suggestions from anyone on this
is welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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