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Re: [K12OSN] Changing Machines from Windows AD/Domain control to Samba

Mike Heins wrote:
We have 100+ machines which have been authenticating into a
Windows ADS domain controller, i.e. Active Directory. We would like
to remove the last Windows server from the network and have all of
those machines authenticate into Samba instead.

In my tests, it appears that it is not as simple as turning on domain
logons on the Samba server and switching off the Windows DC. Can someone
shed some light on this process and how I might be able to accomplish
my aim without reconfiguring 100+ clients?

You should be able to use the `net vampire` command to `suck` the machine accounts from Doze to Samba.

There is a whole chapter in the `Samba Howto` book thats available online.


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