[K12OSN] New e-Rate guidelines

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Dec 6 14:07:43 UTC 2005

I receive a letter from eshoolnews here and there and this week noticed a
section that notified some major changes for e-Rate funding.  A part I noticed
and thought may be of interest here is new funding options for Terminal
Servers.  In the past no server equipment at all was allowed to be purchased
under e-Rate funding, but now you can get funding for servers as long as they
are used as described in the below clip,

"Clarifications also were provided this year with regard to the purchase of
terminal servers. These servers, which traditionally are used to connect
computers and other standalone devices to a school's local-area network, are
eligible as long as the servers to which the discounts are being applied are
used to provide internet access to computers or terminals that otherwise would
not have internet access at the performance level desired."

For those not familiar with e-Rate funding, schools can apply for discounts on
services from the Federal Government through this program and receive up to a
90% discount on said services.  

So you thought LTSP was a cheaper option before, now it can allow you to get
your hardware funded!  This could be huge for the project, as long as this is


Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department

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