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Re: [K12OSN] Firefox question

I use poor-mans-cross-reference parsing...

This being said...

squid access logs
coupled with the IP address of the machine...
coupled with the date/time of access...
checked against who was logged in at that machine with the 'last' command...

also coupled with dansguardian DENIED logs for same machine/date/time...to see what else they TRIED to view but got blocked on :)

a REAL pain in the butt...but it's so rare that I've not taken the time to even attempt a script to gather all the the garbage...and make it user friendly or anything.


John P. Conlon wrote:
At my school we have some ambitious and enterprising students who like to find and look at nude pictures. Our district filter stops a great deal of this but when a student succeeds we need to deal with the situation and also get the sites added to the block list. All of this leads to my question;

Is there a way to print the Firefox usage history for a specific user either from the user's login or from ROOT? If there is how do I go about doing it?

Thanks in advance

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