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Re: [K12OSN] Documentation question

nothing like that can possibly exist..
student B can easily guess student A's password..username is a given.
and if he can't easily guess it...likely brute force cracker would be able to...given said student was resourceful enough to find one... or gain root access and then modify student A's password...use for porn...then change password back...

I'd say security-wise...the phrase "not possible for another student to have access" on a K12LTSP system...wouldn't really hold up anywhere.


John P. Conlon wrote:
One of our assistant principals has been dealing with a student and his parent. The students has been accessing in appropriate web pages during class time and claiming that another students has been accessing his desktop and doing it. What my assistant principal needs is some kind of documentation that he could use before a judge that explains clearly how it is not possible for another student to access a given student's desk top short of the given students having logged in or given away his login information.

Does this information exist in a printable format and where can I find it?

Thanks in advance

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