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Re: [K12OSN] Documentation question

I'd say security-wise...the phrase "not possible for another student to have access" on a K12LTSP system...wouldn't really hold up anywhere.

But then it wouldn't hold up for anything... No system is impervious to security breaches, and yet we still hold people responsible for what happens with their codes and passwords unless they can prove that they were compromised. We have to. Otherwise we'd have cases of everyone denying that they did anything.

Ideally you can go back and look at logs to see which terminal requests were coming from to verify that the student's assigned seat was the one initiating the requests, but if you can't, you just tell the parents that you have evidence that their child's account was used to access inappropriate material. Unless the parent has evidence that someone else has access to that account, you must conclude that their child is responsible. For fun, give the parent access to the system for an hour and see if they can access some other child's account.


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