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Re: [K12OSN] Tracking students activities - recovering deleted files

Krsnendu Dasa wrote:
Is there a way to recover files deleted from students trash to see if they have done anything inappropriate? If I had set up backuppc as recommended many times on this list it would be easy. Unfortunately I have not done that and need some other tricks.

Another question about tracking student usage. I have a few windows computers in the school it there any way to keep a track of them? They authenticate to LDAP on K12LTSP, is there any record of which user logged on at which time? Is there any other way to track usage of those other computers. All computers access internet through IPCOP with Cop+ (Dansguardian).

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You're going to find a great deal of information in /var/log/ on the machine in terms of who logged in where and what they did. Also, ipcop has excellent logging facilities, although I preferred squidguard to dansguardian so the logging you have may be less extensive.

One question: do the students have their own logins? If not, another trick would be to see if the computer in question logged into yahoo or MSN or some other such service at the same time as the questionable activity was occurring. If the username you capture from that method is not sufficient, you can write a watcher script to do any number of useful things the next time the ipcop box sees that string in the datastream.


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