[K12OSN] phpSANE - how to get it working?

Gentgeen gentgeen at linuxmail.org
Wed Dec 7 04:36:11 UTC 2005

I know I am the one that suggested it -- and I even have done some work
on it (translations, documentation stuff, nothing major)....

I feel bad now though, cause I have no clue how to help you out :-)

I just installed it, and it ran fine....  Hope someone else can help you
out on this.  One thing I would say though is to watch the Apache logs
while doing it.  Might lead you in the right direction.  

On Tue, 06 Dec 2005 18:56:05 +0000
John Hegarty <jh at clongowes.net> wrote:

> Had a look at phpsane today as I liked the idea of linking the scanner
> up to the network.
> SANE is working and I can scan pictures ok through gimp etc.
> php and apache are both working too.
> I'm on k12ltsp 4.4.1
> I can't get phpSANE working though. I've tried versions 0.3.3 and
> but with no success. when you click on "scan" a popup comes straight
> away with a picture to open or save but the file is empty.
> The README suggested ;
>    "Make sure that your apache user is able to scan with scanimage.
>     Your apache user must have write-access to your scanner device,
>     Another way to solve this problem is installing scanimage
> +suid-root."
> but I don't know how.
> Can anyone point the way?
> jh
> Ireland

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