[K12OSN] BackupPC Question

Les Mikesell les at futuresource.com
Wed Dec 7 16:49:07 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-12-07 at 08:29, Jim Kronebusch wrote:
> I am posting to the list but this is mostly for Les :-)
> I have a new kUbuntu desktop install and was just playing with Adept and
> installing anything that looked interesting (Adept is cool!).  So I noticed
> that BackupPC was in the list and installed it.  However I can not get in, I
> set a username and password on the install (default user of backuppc) but when
> I try to log in it says the password is incorrect.
> I tried to reset the password with "htpasswd /etc/backuppc/htpasswd backuppc"
> and then giving a new password but no luck.

I normally don't use ubuntu but ran through the process using vmplayer
and their downloadable 'browser appliance' which turns out to be
a basic ubuntu install that lets you apt-get anything else you want.
Mine came up working with the password it gave during the install and
I was able to change it with the command above.  Does
/var/log/apache2/error.log have anything interesting about not being
able to find or read the htpasswd file?

  Les Mikesell
   les at futuresource.com

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