[K12OSN] Setting Open Office 2.0 to save as a Doc by default.

Glenn Arnold garnold at unrealsolutions.com
Thu Dec 8 05:33:13 UTC 2005

I believe I have read in this list that several LTSP users have Open
Office to save as Microsoft Word Doc.  I would like to know if your
users loose formatting when saving the OO document as Microsoft Word
file instead of OO sxw or OpenDoc file?  I realize that you usually
loose a little formating, but do you loose enough that you need to check
every document that you save that way?  Open Office 2.0 definitely
improves the Microsoft compatibility, but I am very concerned about
loosing page formatting.  Personally I would prefer that the users click
file save as choose save as a Microsoft Word Doc, but my customer would
like me to set the default format to Word in OpenOffice to save some
trouble on training issues which I disagree with.  I feel we should
train the users how to save a document in Word format instead of making
the users lemmings and never learn how to use special features in
software.  Especially since this is a school customer who use
OpenOffice/StarOffice internally for the student computers and only the
students occasionally have to send a word document to a college.  I
would like to know everybody's experiences with OpenOffice using
Microsoft Word as the default file format.  I will use your response to
help me decide if I should work harder to convince the customer that
this is not a good idea.  My personal opinion it is always better to use
the original program to create, edit, and save a document then saving to
a different format other than the original programs format.  


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