[K12OSN] Setting Open Office 2.0 to save as a Doc by default.

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You have convinced me that definitely helps!


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We have had only 2 issues with converting documents made in Word to
OpenOffice 2.0. It was just tab and margin formatting. Only two
documents in the entire district. These "problems" were easily fixed as
the users just deleted where tabs were added and fixed the margins.
Besides those two documents everything else has been perfectly converted
and have been using OOo2.0 for quite some time now. Also worthy to note,
we have had no complaints of documents made in OOo2.0 losing format when
opened in MS Word. We are extremely happy we went with OOo2.0. Hope this
helps! :)


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On Fri, 2005-12-09 at 14:15 -0500, Glenn Arnold wrote:
> Thanks Paul for some insight!  How often do you have issues with
> formatting or do you?  Is there occasional format issue or you have
> had any issues.  My concern is that someone will create a complex
> document in OpenOffice and it will not save the formatting right as
> document and cause a bunch of trouble tickets.  That is my biggest
> concern.
> Thanks
> -Glenn
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> Glenn,
> In our district we have OpenOffice 2.0 save as .doc automatically. We
> really did this for two reasons.
> 1. When we introduced OpenOffice staff were unsure of it. We had
> previously been using Office 2000 and 2003. If we were going to get
> staff to use it and like it we need to make it as simple and easy to
> and compatible with what they already have at home. We are giving them
> OOo2.0 to use at home but that is there choice if they chose to use
> Other school districts in New Hampshire use the .doc format as does
> State of New Hampshire DOE so when we send documents we need to ensure
> they are in the same format. Often times, users won't check what
> they are saving in and if it's not automatically set to .doc they will
> send an .odt to the state and it will get sent back causing
> It's just easier to have it automatically set for the user.
> 2. We tech people have other things we have to do then get
> troubleshooting calls on OpenOffice.org 2.0 and how it won't save
> in .doc and only saves in .odt (because they can't figure out how to).
> We also don't have much time to train the users how to use it so we
> it up to automatically save documents in .doc, spreadsheets in .xls,
> presentations in .ppt. 
> Hope this helps.
> -Paul

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