[K12OSN] HELP: can there be two samba servers in one domain?

Mark Gumprecht gumprechtm at msad3.org
Tue Dec 13 11:45:42 UTC 2005

That's the can of worms I opened. I started what I thought was going to 
be a simple task, and ended up replacing my win2k domaincontroller. It 
is a 1024 subnet and 700 + users and did it 2 weeks before school 
started. Sweat pumps were in high speed. I must say that my problems 
have been fewer and log in times greatly reduced. I checked into fds 
then but just couldn't seem to grasp it. I tried all the windows to 
linux authing and storage, could get the authing easy enough, but the 
storage thing just didn't come, over my head at this point, maybe next 
year I will understand it better. Nothing ventured, nothing 
gained.....of course, many a rabbit don't make it across the road.

john wrote:

>say that Thanks Mark,
>I am sort of amazed the more I look into this. As far as I can tell,
>Multiple boxes running Samba really don't have a native way to share a
>single backend via AD.  I'd love to be wrong about this. I am sort of
>thinking out loud here, perhaps it will help me or someone else who
>has this problem in the future.
>I am not able to move to OpenLdap since the scope of this project =!
>complete network paradigm shift at this time. The newly released FC4
>Directory Server http://directory.fedora.redhat.com/wiki/Main_Page
>which could be a substitute for AD someday seems too green to me.
>The more I look into trying to have more than a single Samba box share
>credentials with AD it looks like I have to do one of the following,
>all of which seem to have _way_ too many moving parts to be reliable.
>1) Hack Samba (this is beyond my meager skillset, I assume if it were
>obvious someone would have scratched this itch by now)
>2) use someone else's hack by way of a seemingly moribund project on
>Source Forge http://groups.google.com/group/linux.samba/browse_thread/thread/e9d0a4caedd67473/40b697830a6dce06?lnk=st&q=multiple+samba+ads&rnum=10&hl=en#40b697830a6dce06
>following directions from here: http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/1563
>3)Or use MS Unix tools
>using these directions http://www.oo-services.com/en/articles/sso.html
>Frankly, this seems like WAY to much work, just to spread a little
>storage around. I'll keep looking into this, and would love to have
>someone set me straight, and tell me (in an easy to follow step by
>step manner :-)   )how easy this project really is.
>On 12/12/05, Mark Gumprecht <gumprechtm at msad3.org> wrote:
>>John I'm no pro and ran out of time with the beginning of school to get
>>mine in so....net getlocalsid will pull up the local domain sid. Man net
>>will give you some other commands like setlocalsid, not much, but HTH
>>john wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>I need some advice and I hope folks here can help. I have set up
>>>k12ltsp to provide single sign on and file storage for users in
>>>Windows Domain which uses ADS. However instead of storing the files
>>>locally on the k12ltsp box, I would like to have my file storage on a
>>>separate Samba file server (and in the future several Samba servers).
>>>So basically multiple Samba installations using ADS and all using the
>>>same SID==>GID/UID mapping.
>>>So here's the scenerio:
>>>Linux box A is running FC4 , Samba and NFS. This box exports /home via
>>>NFS to Linux Box B running K12LTSP and Winbind. I have single sign
>>>(for windows and terminal clients)  via winbind working on box B.
>>>Problem: I need someway to keep SID ==> GID/UID mapping consistent
>>>from box to box, if I run two version of winbind, mappings will be out
>>>of sync. I THINK i need to create a unified IDMAP and point box A to
>>>it. I've been looking at IDMap_RID here
>>>but I am not sure that this is even in the ball park.
>>>Also, some folks seem to believe the only way to accomplish this is
>>>with a Unix snap in for AD.
>>>I could really use some help on this!
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>>K12OSN mailing list
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>>For more info see <http://www.k12os.org>
>K12OSN mailing list
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>For more info see <http://www.k12os.org>

Mark Gumprecht
Data Systems Specialist
Unity, ME
gumprechtm at msad3.org

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