[K12OSN] starting from scratch ...

Brandon Kovach bkovach at logrog.net
Tue Dec 13 17:00:05 UTC 2005

We're working on installing LTSP from scratch.  Both as a learning
experience and also as a matter of having a stripped down version of
K12ltsp.  I've gotten to the point where LTSP is working.  IPs are handed
out and it's looking for a boot image.  PXE booting is working.  I know I
don't have the right image yet, but...

What I need to know is about the image.  Does the image that is specified
in the dhcpd.conf file have to be specific enough to point to a location
of the files to boot?  I guess what I am asking is ... If I copy one of
the boot images from our other K12 server, but our ltsp files are in a
slightly different location than on the other server, will the boot image


"I don't know" isn't a penalty or an excuse.  It's an opportunity.

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