[K12OSN] Local USB show 0 byte file

Trond Mæhlum trond at maehlum.net
Thu Dec 15 10:37:28 UTC 2005

I am having a bit of trouble with a local usb multicardreader. When I
connect the cardreader, with a 128MB CF card, it shows up as a zero byte
file. When I connect it to my laptop, it shows as a 128M usb stick. I
know that this is mentioned as a bug in the samba approach to local
devices. Is there a workaround or a fix for this issue?

I see that the new ltspfs should take care of this problem. Is ltspfs
ready and working? If that is the only solution to this problem, I must
concider switching to ltspfs. I had hoped to avoid this until summer...

Best Regards
Trond Maehlum

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