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Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 15 11:37:14 UTC 2005

I set up streaming audio in my home last year using
icecast2 and ices2.  Honestly, I forget most of the
details.  You'll be streaming in ogg format, most
likely.  For listeners with Windows, I've found the
easiest thing to do is tell them to download Winamp
(not the light version) for free -- it handles *.ogg
files natively and has no problem w/ streaming audio. 
Winamp looks just like xmms, so you could have a help
page on your website that takes care of both of them. 
Basically, all folks need to do is click the "add url"
button and put in your website and port # -- something
like:  http://my.regular.website/hockey:8000

The standard configuration is to stream from a
pre-configured playlist, or from the audio input of
your soundcard.  Sounds like you've got an extra
complication in your setup.  You'll have to get the
audio from the broadcast room to your server room
somehow.  I'll have to think about that one.  Maybe
just stream from the broadcast room to the server
room, and then rebroadcast from the server room to the
outside world.

I never broadcasted to the internet -- I used mine so
during parties I could turn on any computer in the
house (all hooked to stereos) and play the same music
that was playing in all the other rooms.  It was
pretty cool, but I recently switched distributions and
wiped out all my config files for that setup.


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> Well, we must be on a roll here impressing our
> non-profit community fm 
> station that my students supply a server and webpage
> for, because now they 
> have asked if we can offer streaming audio of our
> hockey games...  Oh boy!   
> Is it as simple as pluging in a mic and installing
> some fandangle new rpm??
> The server is located in my classroom, and the
> broadcast booth is located 2 
> blocks away at the arena...  Maybe an ssh session
> forwarding audio...  I 
> don't know.   Right now my student phones into some
> commercial system that 
> charges $70.00 per hockey game and the system is
> accessed through a link on 
> a big hockey association website.
> How can we provide this service through our server
> and webpage:  "Click here 
> to listen to our game:"
> Thanks for any ideas,  Jim
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