[K12OSN] Using ibooks in conjunction with k12LTSP/debianedu servers

Burke Almquist balmquist at mindfirestudios.com
Thu Dec 15 13:06:32 UTC 2005

The school I work for is in the process of planning a serious  
technology overhaul. Given the recommendations of the independent  
consultant the board hired I am preparing to propose getting iBooks  
for the older students and the teaching staff, setting up the current  
lab of very old PIII dells using K12LTSP (or maybe the debianedu  
skolelinux distro??) for the K-4 students, and upgrading our current  
authentication/file/mail/web server (current running K12LTSP) to  
improve storage space and redundancy, and allow it to rackmount near  
the DSL modem so we can use it to proxy our network traffic as well.
   For the existing staff winboxes and the lab, samba, NIS, and NFS  
shares are/would be sufficient for providing centralized  
authentication and file shares. The big hang-up that I'm having right  
now is how I will get the laptops to authenticate and use network  
storage (so they can be backed up) when they are at school, while  
still allowing them to function when the older students and the  
teachers take them home. Any bright ideas on how to handle this.
(I'm fairly certain that I can get LDAP or the new directory server  
setup, the question is how to handle the issue of different  
authentication/storage at different locations)

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