[K12OSN] Using ibooks in conjunction with k12LTSP/debianedu servers

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 15 14:48:35 UTC 2005

I've never tried it, but there's a new utility called
tsync which is supposed to keep two directories
syncronized automatically, even when there is only
intermittent network connectivity.

It was developed during Google's "summer of code".


--- Burke Almquist <balmquist at mindfirestudios.com>

> The school I work for is in the process of planning
> a serious  
> technology overhaul. Given the recommendations of
> the independent  
> consultant the board hired I am preparing to propose
> getting iBooks  
> for the older students and the teaching staff,
> setting up the current  
> lab of very old PIII dells using K12LTSP (or maybe
> the debianedu  
> skolelinux distro??) for the K-4 students, and
> upgrading our current  
> authentication/file/mail/web server (current running
> K12LTSP) to  
> improve storage space and redundancy, and allow it
> to rackmount near  
> the DSL modem so we can use it to proxy our network
> traffic as well.
>    For the existing staff winboxes and the lab,
> samba, NIS, and NFS  
> shares are/would be sufficient for providing
> centralized  
> authentication and file shares. The big hang-up that
> I'm having right  
> now is how I will get the laptops to authenticate
> and use network  
> storage (so they can be backed up) when they are at
> school, while  
> still allowing them to function when the older
> students and the  
> teachers take them home. Any bright ideas on how to
> handle this.
> (I'm fairly certain that I can get LDAP or the new
> directory server  
> setup, the question is how to handle the issue of
> different  
> authentication/storage at different locations)
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