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Re: [K12OSN] apache problem?

'ps -ef |grep httpd' will tell you if apache is really running.

'nmap localhost' will tell you if it's listening on port 80 (the default)

'iptables -L' or 'cat /etc/sysconfig/iptables' will tell you if your firewall is configured to allow traffic on port 80.



Steve Hampton wrote:

Quick question for those who are experts at web hosting.  I am using
SquidGuard which I know utilizes apache.  And I know that Apache is
running cause squidguard is working.  However when i try to view the
default apache page by typing in http://localhost/index.html in my
browser window I get the following error.

The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost.

 Any suggestions as to why I might not be able to view the default
page.  I want to host a site on my k12ltsp by dropping it in my
/var/www/htm/ directory but right now appearently apache isn't serving
up pages for me.
Steven Hampton
Open Source, The Right Thing To Do!

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