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A friend who uses K12LTSP just bought a new server for his K12LTSP lab
that has SATA drives. He is trying to install K12LTSP 4.4.1 and it will
not install on the SATA drives.

Does K12LTSP "play nice" with SATA?  Does he need a newer version.

K12 does play relatively nice with most chip sets but I had problem with the new ATI 9x00 chipset in an MSI board. K12 wouldn't recognize it but FC4 would. You/he could try installing FC4 first and see if that works (install k12 at the end where it asks if you have any additional CDs)

If all else fails, RAID SATA PCI cards can be had pretty cheap (the "fakeraid" sort - hardware RAID is a lot more expensive but nevermind because it's likely that the RAID chipset on the motherboard is fakeraid, too). I resorted to this on the above mentioned board because the card was $15 and I was in a hurry.

William Fragakis

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