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Re: [K12OSN] SATA and K12LTSP

Eric Harrison wrote:
Jim Hays wrote:

A friend who uses K12LTSP just bought a new server for his K12LTSP lab
that has SATA drives.  He is trying to install K12LTSP 4.4.1 and it will
not install on the SATA drives.

Does K12LTSP "play nice" with SATA?  Does he need a newer version.

A some-what common problem is "RAID" turned on in the bios on a
"Fake-RAID" controller (i.e. a RAID controller that requires special
software drivers to work).

Check the system bios and/or the SATA controller bios (if it has one) to
make sure that any RAID settings are disabled.

If it happens to be a "real" hardware RAID controller, sometimes you
have to create the RAID volumes and initialize them before the operating
system can see the drives.

If neither of those suggestions do the trick, it would be helpful if we
knew the make/model of the SATA controller (and/or the make/model of the

I have also seen issues when a standard IDE drive exists in the same system. In these cases the BIOS may not show the SATA drive as bootable. Remove it (IDE drive) and it will boot fine off the sata drive.

I assume a BIOS upgrade would resolve it but I never tried...


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