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Re: [K12OSN] upgrading k12ltsp

The stuff in /home is all user data. So you should be able to just do straight upgrades if you really would like. Lots of people on this list back up their /etc directory where all the config files are and parts of /var if they have websites or databases in there. Some just to a whole backup, just to be safe, do a fresh install, and then put their config files back. Bottom line: you shouldn't have to mess with /home. (I can only think of a couple exceptions that have to do with new versions of a program not dealing gracefully with old user preference files. But then you only have to delete the pref file for that program, not all of /home.

On Dec 17, 2005, at 1:21 PM, Carl Keil wrote:

Can someone describe a good scheme for upgrading an install of k12ltsp? I'm running an FC3 based version right now. I'd like to upgrade very soon to whatever is stable right now. I have my /home directory on a different physical hard drive, but I'm wondering how that helps me now. I'm thinking that there must be stuff that gets changed in the /home directories for the new version. How do I update all that stuff while retaining the users' home data?

So, what's the procedure here? I'm thinking of physically unhooking the /home directory drive in the computer, then installing k12ltsp as usual from disks on hda, then hooking back up hdb and pointing home at it in fstab but something tells me this won't work very well. Not to mention losing all the customizations. What do others do when upgrading? Somebody must have a really easy/foolproof set of instructions for this.



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