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Re: [K12OSN] ppc booting help


Have you tried running <Chicken of the VNC>? If memory serves, it will log into the eth0 subnet w/o many issues - it may require OS X though, in which case the <Network Startup> in system preferences/Startup Disk would be even better...
Keep us posted

Hello list,
Just done a fresh install of K12LTSP 4.4.1.This is the first time I ve tryed to get IMACS& EMACS to boot up.The firmware version on the IMAC im trying to bootup..is 3.0. At startup, I do the ,,Apple+Options+f+o. I type at the command line--- boot enet:serveripaddress.There is.. approxiamatley 2 min delay,,then i get Server Ip address[ correrct IP address] then a second line server IP address[ ffffffffff] then i get a line of yaboot.conf..This were MAC stops...;( At server,/tail/var/log/messages is showing"load size is too small",error writing 4 bytes to socket xxx. About three years ago,,when We fisr started into K12LTSP...i did get the server[ffffffff].it turned out to be we still had a windows server doing dhcp,as well.It came up to the same error message ID'ing the server. I did edit the /opt/ltsp/ppc/etc/lts.conf file to refelct the ip address (eth0),of our server ( not default ip address). My testbed is on a seperate switch,,directly from the K12LTSP server so as to not have any conflict with other network,, "stuff".Is it possible older/firmware versions,,arent smart enough to network boot corretly?
This is the translucent "blue" cased IMAC..
Do i need to hand edit any other files,& should the server ip address be left alone?.[ in the ppc/etc/lts.conf folder]. Ive read lots of posts were people dont have any trouble booting the IMACS from either the "N" key or from the boot enet: command line,,
Anyone have any ideas??

Barry Cisna

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