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Re: [K12OSN] Making an exact, bootable copy of a bootable hard drive

I have used both Ghost 4Unix (command line) & Ghost 4Linux (gui), available via freshmeat.net. You boot up with this cd and it binary copies + compress (dd + gz) to another drive,ftp site etc.. or restore. You should have a network anonymous ftp site for your backups . I have been saved many times by this . Also your reference to random crashes is exactly what was happening to one of my servers. It was a failed HD. But , a HD thats failing will be harder to binary copy due to bad sectors that will probably be skipped , thus lost data.

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I have a k12ltsp v. 4.2.1 server that is acting strangely (see next email). I am wondering if there is a process for duplicating its main hard drive. I have 2 drives in the box, one is a new 120 gig drive for /home and the other is a very old 13 gig drive for everything else. What I'd like to do is copy the 13 gig drive to a newish 40 gig and see if that solves my crashing problem. Is there a way to do this with DD or LVM from a ubuntu live disk, or knoppix or something? How do I make sure I copy all the partitions and boot sectors and all that? The drive is currently windows format, so I need a procedure that takes me from fdisk through rebooting. I've been doing linux for years, but I'm still a newb. I've googled for a procedure and found a few ways to do it for other Linux distros, but not sure if I trust random pages off the internet.



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