[K12OSN] Merry Christmas to all K12LTSPer's

Larry McPherson lmcpherson at mail.sumner.k12.me.us
Wed Dec 21 16:28:49 UTC 2005

I would agree with your observation.  Peninsula School is our proof of
concept school and about 85% of all hardware runs on some version of Linux,
10% run Windows, and 5% are Macs.  I've deployed one server in a
kindergarten room which the teachers/ed-techs love, but I have other stand
alone machines that people hate & I suspect these users will continue to
hate regardless of what I have to say.  The folks that hate K12LTSP recite
multiple reasons (MS Office, and educational software that runs on a MAC or
Windows machines ---- but not Linux).  Some folks would hate anything new --
it seems to be in their nature.

I think about 80% of my users will go with the flow - and learn as we deploy
OSS.  About 15% are diehard Windows or Mac users and take every opportunity
to complain about Linux.  Five percent just don't care.

Our superintendent supports K12LTSP - so we will continue to roll out more
desktops and servers running various versions of OSS.


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Hello ALL,

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas,and Thanks, to all who have
helped in solving many of our K12LTSP,probs.& and advancements etc.

I'm wondering what everyones overall concensous is ,as far as
"acceptance",of K12LTSP,,in schools as of now?
After having rolled out K12LTSP,here in our school 3 years ago,,,I ve
found that the old die hards,,and people not at all familiar with
Linux/K12LTSP,,does not care for change..even having told them all here is
everything in K12LTSP,,as there is in windows,,and then some,
The higher ups,,thinks,," if it is free.it cant be very good"..
Has anyone run into this,,at your schools?
It seems to be the old "marketing ploy",,if you charge someone twice what
a product is worth,,most people think, "this product must >really> be
good.".hence windows prevails.
Example: MS Frontpage= xxx$- Opensource NVU = 0$- what does everyone
prefer/MS Frontpage ?
The stability,uniformity of K12LTSP,,on ALL desktops,,is what makes it so
sweet , I m always hearing( even with roaming profiles in windows),,my
icons arent were they were the last time,in Windows etc,,etc,, You know
the routine. Guess I should be happy most people are stuck on Windows.
Have you heard of "job security"?/maintenance/maintenance...:)
Just my 2 cents

Thanks & have a good New year!,,:-),


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