[K12OSN] Merry Christmas to all K12LTSPer's

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 22 11:08:08 UTC 2005

--- cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us wrote:
> The higher ups,,thinks,," if it is free.it cant be
> very good"..
> Has anyone run into this,,at your schools?
> It seems to be the old "marketing ploy",,if you
> charge someone twice what
> a product is worth,,most people think, "this product
> must >really> be
> good.".hence windows prevails.
> Example: MS Frontpage= xxx$- Opensource NVU = 0$-
> what does everyone
> prefer/MS Frontpage ?

Maybe Eric would be good enough to sell your school a
copy of K12LTSP.  That way the administration will
know they're getting something good.  Ooh, and maybe
he could give you a 50% discount for being an
educational institution, that way the administration
will be satisfied that they've gotten a good deal!

Seriously, I think this is what it takes to convince
some people.    I've read some articles online about
the difficulty people have had giving away linux live
cd's and such.  

I've been thinking of trying this little experiment:  
1)  Order about 50 Ubuntu cd's (they will ship them to
you for free)
2)  Try giving them away.
3)  Later on, try selling them.
4)  Count how many cd's were unloaded during steps 2
and 3...


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