[K12OSN] k12LTSP with W2K3 data folders...

Ryan Hackl - Spiritwood High hackl at bsd.sk.ca
Thu Dec 22 19:36:40 UTC 2005

Good day!

At our school, we have an existing set of workstations (~70) that 
authenticate via W2K3 server (ADS).  I have an LTSP server with ~60 clients, 
and now need to have the users be able to access their windows home folders.

I've already set up authentication through the ADS; users can type in their 
AD username/password combination and log on to the LTSP server.  Users can 
save information in their LTSP home folders (but then not access them from 
the Windows workstations).  I need some help setting up the W2K3 server 
(and/or the LTSP server) so that users can access their Windows data folders 
through the LTSP clients. 

Any help is greatly appreciated...

- Ryan Hackl
Spiritwood High School
Spiritwood, SK CANADA

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