[K12OSN] A good network discover program- NTOP-

Mike Ely mely at rogueriver.k12.or.us
Thu Dec 22 23:45:02 UTC 2005


Thank you!  I've been trying to think of just such a thing!  Heh, wow. 
I had ntop running on my personal web node, but it was thrashing the 
machine.  This will work perfectly in here!

And a very happy New Year to you, sir.


Barry R Cisna wrote:
> Hello List,
> Just thought Id throw this out,for someone,,that might be looking for a good
> network" discovery tool" . I found this about a year ago,and havent found
> anything better,for doing a general mapping of your lan. It has support for
> Fibre..etc.It even ID's HP printers, WAP's.etc with their on icons for easy
> visual's trying to decipher,,what all you have conglomerated,,on your
> network.If you are like me,,and are vague on documenting IP address/MAC's
> etc,,this is pretty handy. Im sure there are others out there comparible to
> NTOP.. There is an rpm, that works for FC2-3-4..and I got it to install
> without whinning for any other dependencies!
> Just install the RPM,, run the commandline one time,, its started then point
> your browser to,,, localhost:3000  & view your network.
> I m sure many here have heard about it,or are using it,but maybe some
> havent..
> Hope this helps someone,,,
> Take Care,,,,
> Barry
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