[K12OSN] Postfix/Amavisd-new help?

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Fri Dec 23 21:29:57 UTC 2005

cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us wrote:
> Hello List,
> This is ,sort of, a repost of my post here of a couple days ago,
> Can anyone familiar with Postfix/Amavisd-new give me a howto,,on bypassing
> local(localdomain), email virus/spam scanning?
> I have the Amavisd-new webmin plugin,for webmin,, but im not quite sure
> what i need to mod,,to bypass local/intranet mail scanning.
> I looked through the amavisd.conf file and am not sure how to
> decipher,,some of the comments in there,as well.:(.
> The actual amavisd-new website does not mention any howtos,on actually
> bypassing scanning for ..a particular domaninname.
> Our prob is when our secretaries(3),,each mass email,, 350 users,,the
> dailey announcments,,our mail server is pulled down to nothing for about
> 10 mins.
> As someone suggested here,,i should be able to bypass..local mail scanning
> which makes sense to me,,,,,duuuhhhh me..:).
> I know amavisd-new " hijacks" spamassain configs,,and if i try and bypass
> spam scanning in spamassasin for our domain,,SA,,still s ans our intranet
> emails.
> Just thought maybe soemone here has tryed to do the same thing,,im trying
> to setup..
> Using: Postfix/Dovecot/Amavisd-new/Spamassasin/clamav
> Thanks,,
> Barry Cisna

Hi Barry,

First, an answer to your question:

If I read your email correctly, you are looking for the
bypass_spam_checks_acl and bypass_virus_checks_acl parameters.

The HOWTO is at http://www.ijs.si/software/amavisd/README.lookups

Perhaps something such as this would do the trick:

@bypass_spam_checks_acl qw( );
@bypass_virus_checks_acl qw( );

where "" is replaced with the IP range for your network.

A tip: the email above is hard to read and the formating is a bit
random. I had to re-read it several times. I have found that I get
quicker, more accurate responses when I take a few extra minutes to ask
clear, easy to read questions.

The easier you make it for people to help, the more likely they are to
help ;-)

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