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[K12OSN] IceWM default window manager setting lost

My default window manager setting has been lost and I can't figure out how to permanently reset it to IceWM. I googled and poked around on the internet, to no avail. I tried switchdesk, and that program runs, but nothing changes permanently. If I log in using the Default setting, I get a Gnome desktop, if I select IceWM, and then log in at the k12ltsp login screen, I get the desktop I used to get by default. I had it set up so nautilus is not running when I login by default, and I have the plain-jane blue windows background.

I also have one terminal that is supposed to boot and use an auto login and run a script when it logs in -- that terminal is not booting properly and running it's usual script -- it boots to some kind of FailSafe desktop -- I hope nothing serious has happened. All the kids are on break, and so I'm not sure if the problem is more widespread than these two users (my user and the login for the autologin terminal).

Thanks for any help.

Rita Gibson

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