[K12OSN] Managing identical logins...

Ramon ramonklown at pop.com.br
Tue Feb 1 10:56:40 UTC 2005

I agree, why can't just the "bad" guy (or the wanna be cracker) get kicked out, the
other one might be doing a text and lose everything.

> norbert wrote:
>> robark at telus.net wrote:
>>> At my school I took a black  marker and wrote 1,2,3,... on all the
>>> computer monitors. The login can be comp1, comp2, ... and the
>>> passwords are all the same. No problems with Mozilla or OOo.
>> Hi,
>> Actually the problem with "comp1, etc" is that kids realise quickly
>> that they can use the same login as another & create havoc....
>> Hence a script or untility that limits the "username" to a single
>> login without "kicking" out the previous one would be great.......
>> hint...
>> norbert
> I have a generic set of logins like comp1, comp2 ... for visitors to the
> lab. But my students who use the lab regularly all have separate logins.
> However, I tried logging onto two machines with the same username and
> both automatically got logged out. So for visiting classes, if one
> student chooses to be bad and login with anothers username, he kicks the
> other unsuspecting kid off. I would like to hear ideas how to prevent
> this. I think that's what you were alluding to norbert with your hint.
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