[K12OSN] DOS boot rom freezes after kernel load

Dan Visentin visentind at hdsb.ca
Tue Feb 1 16:43:04 UTC 2005

We're almost there!  I can boot machines from floppy using a romomatic generated boot floppy but I now need to configure the machines to boot from the hard drive.  I created a  DOS boot file (ie. the .com file) from romomatic and it goes through the
first 2 stages of booting (dhcp, tftp, loads the kernel) but after the kernal loads (.... done) it freezes.

The idea is to boot off the hard drive and modify the autoexec.bat to launch the boot rom program.

Any ideas?

Dan Visentin
Head of Business/Computers/IT contact
M. M. Robinson H.S.

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