[K12OSN] Sound Blaster woes...

k12ltsp k12ltsp at hermon.net
Tue Feb 1 20:08:59 UTC 2005

Hey everyone,

I am still working on getting audio to work on LTSP. For the most part,
success! I can get it to work on many of the older terminals with built-in
sound cards (ISA) and many generic sound cards. I've been very successful
with many sound blaster compatible cards. But not all of them work.

I found a source of cheap SoundWave Pro PCI 3D Sound cards with Soun
Blaster Pro/16 support, and     PC97/98 complant.

However, when I install this card, I get the following errors:

modprobe: insmod sb failed
modprobe: insmod /lib/modules/2.4.26-ltsp-1/kernel/drivers/sound/sb.o
sb: dsp reset failed

I can confirm that audio does work with some pci sound cards. But the one
I'm using right now if I can get it to work, we can order them in bulk and
install them in all the terminals! Does anyone have any ideas to get audio
to work?

Also, I managed to get mozilla to work in ESD on Gnome, and I found it to
be much more stable than NASD. NASD tends to break up and pause
continually in flash animations on older terminals (p100 to p200), but ESD
has always worked perfectly.

I can share my steps if anyone wants to know how I got it to work :-)


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