[K12OSN] dual boot MBR, hdb question

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at snet.net
Wed Feb 2 11:23:13 UTC 2005


I'm not teaching this year.  I've waited tables, painted houses, and, 
now, I am working part-time for a software and technology development 
It's all proprietary stuff for the medical industry.  I've signed 
non-disclosures, etc.  They have me editing software on tools that are 
windows specific (becuase they are graphical tools.  Obviously, I could 
edit code on any text editor).
So, I had an extra 15gb drive hanging around., set it up as hdb and have 
installed XP on it (connected via that now, despite the fact that I have 
not installed a firewall or AV software yet on this drive...risky, eh?  
At least I'm using Moz mail, not LookOUT!)
Anyway, I disconnected my main drive (to avoid any possibly silly 
errors) and installed as though the hdb were the first drive.
My question is, when I reconnect my main drive (with K12 4.0.1, soon to 
be upgraded to 4.2, as soon as I backup sometime this week),
can I simply edit Lilo and add an entry for the purposes of booting XP 
from the hdb?
At this point, I am opening the case and disconnecting the first drive 
to boot the second, a pita.
Also, I have mounted a windows partition in a dual boot system (3 years 
ago.  At this point, I have not had windows at home for that 3 years).
Will mounting the windows drive on the separate hdd be a simple as it 
was when it was a partition on the same drive?
I have to say that I've been spoiled and have only worked with a single 
boot linux system for the past three years, so these issues have grown 
If mounting the second drive is as simple as mounting a windows 
partition, and editing Lilo will allow me to boot it, I can proceed on 
my own.
I just thought I'd ask before attempting and possibly hosing my MBR or 


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