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But if they have been using Windows file sharing permissions, then they must have to log in as a unique user at some point, no?  I'm not very familiar w/ Windows file sharing permissions, so I might be wrong, but I can't figure out how (as you are saying they are doing under your school's existing system) you could keep each kid's work separate w/o having a unique login for each kid.

I'm sure I must be missing something here...


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On Tue, 01 Feb 2005 09:58:07 -0500, David Trask<br><dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us> wrote:<br>> Here's where the problem lies....you are trying to make a multi-user<br>> environment into a single-user environment.  Unlike your probable current<br>> situation....the users data is saved locally on the hard drive.  Thus you<br>> can use the same login for everyone as they physically are on different<br>> machines.  In an LTSP situation....they are all on the same machine...and<br>> under your proposal...the same account.  Each time certain programs load<br>> and execute there are certain things that get written to the user's<br>> "profile" in the home directory.  There are a multitude of hidden files<br>> such as .gnome, .kde, .mozilla....etc.  While Mozilla and OO will be the<br>> biggies, there are many other programs that will also cause issues.  When<br>> one student makes a change it writes to the home directory....if you have<br>> multiple logins to the same home directory...im!
agine the collisions.<br><br>Yes, that  summarized the first half of the problem perfectly.<br><br>> Some<br>> where here on the list or in the wiki is a method for "auto-login" of<br>> workstations.  Thus you could have each workstation log in automatically<br>> to its own account.....create a location (common) as a drop box for<br>> storing files....and that way have your cake and eat it too.<br><br>Therein lies the second half of the problem. The teachers don't want a<br>common share for all the classes to drop their work into. I suggested<br>that initially... and they gave me a flat no! They've been using<br>Windows file sharing permissions to keep the kids where they belong<br>(and keep them from clobbering the work of others) for several years.<br>They like this system and want to continue using it with the new<br>K12LTSP box.<br><br>So to satisfy both requirements, I need to create a unique directory<br>name at login for each user (such as /home/grade8-ws215) while<br!
>retaining the grade8 username for the sid that samba uses to!
  walk th
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