[K12OSN] second drive lilo question

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at snet.net
Wed Feb 2 14:48:19 UTC 2005

I tried to send a msg earlier, but don't see it.
Anyway, I had an extra 15gb drive, so installed XP on it, for use
in my present part-time job (need devtools that are M$ specific).
I installed the drive as hdb, installed XP on it,
editied lilo.conf by adding

other: /dev/hdb2
name: msxp
table: /dev/hdb

I've tried with
other: /dev/hdb1
but that wasn't sure if that made sense to me, since XP is on the second 
partition of that drive, although, I am assuming that XP did rewrite the 
MBR on that drive, and hdb1 would be the boot sector.
Nonetheless, that configuration didn't work, either.
I can reboot my Linux fine, of course, but, presently, the only way I 
can boot the XP drive is to halt the system, pull the plug on the main 
drive (my k12 installation) and boot from the second hdd.
I did re-run lilo to compile with the new settings each time.

When I give Lilo the command to boot msxp
the machine just hangs, and hangs, and hangs, and does nothing.
for a long time.
regardless of whic of these configurations I've tried.
So, I'm assuming that something I told it was incorrect and it's
not finding the XP to boot it.

hda is linux
hdb is XP

gracias, mis amigos.


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