power consumption - was RE: [K12OSN] Get rid of my PCs

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Wed Feb 2 18:32:12 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 23:23, Robert Lefebvre wrote:
> Would it be possible to simply disconnect 3/4 of the power supplies
> and run them off of the remaining powersupplies?
> A few feet of  wires would do the trick.

Good idea - that would be the cheapest option if the computers are all
in one lab and wiring runs didn't exceed a few metres each to avoid
power loss over thin wires.  

However, that would get into the realm of having sound knowledge of your
electrical wiring requirements to be able to patch together "branches"
of ATX wiring coming from each individual power supply.  You would also
have to make sure that each voltage & conductor combo didn't exceed the
rating of the power supply.  That is, if you look at the specs of your
power supply you'll see, for example, that one conductor is rated at
0.5A @ +5V, another conductor at 3.5A @ +5V, and so on.  In other words,
I'm repeating the warning "sound knowledge of your electrical wiring
requirements" are mandatory for any option like this.

In an ideal world I'd like to see a complete K12LTSP lab running on
solar power - combine that with recycled cast-off thin clients and then
you would have an environmental/political statement worth making :^)    

BTW: it helps the flow of reading in a threaded mail list if you retain
pertinent parts of the previous postings so that new-comers to the
thread can see what you are replying to :^) 

	Gavin Chester


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