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Wed Feb 2 20:21:48 UTC 2005

well in maine we have 7th and 8th grade ibooks..to reimage with firewire
takes forever..trask got osx server to do the reimager but i always wanted
to do same..reimage a dozen at a time...so that is where i am going wwith
this..i have like three hundred to think about
> > Jim: btw i was successful reimaging  a n ibook by booting to 
> > a shell and dd ing an image to /dev/hda..chuck
> What is your plan with the image? Do you hope to use it as a OSX base
> for thins? 
> I did get the iBook Clamshell to boot also with no special settings.
> The snow iBook I had to take the XF86Config from a running system then
> move it to /opt/ltsp/ppc/etc/XF86Config.snowibook and in lts.conf point
> any iBook with wsxxx to the specific X config.  I will build a local of
> YDL on any Mac that is not recognized automatically and put the
> XF86Config from those systems into
> /opt/ltsp/ppc/etc/XF86Config.machinetype before packaging this all back
> up.  Then the configs will be available to just select in lts.conf in
> the future.
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