[K12OSN] Help! Sendmail doesn't SEND - only receives

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Feb 2 20:29:27 UTC 2005

> OK, here is some more info... I can send mail from the
> server - no problem.  I can use Mozilla mail to check
> my emails, but I CAN'T REPLY to them... I can use
> Usermin to check my emails and reply to them.  Mozilla
> mail or Thunderbird or some other MUA are the culprits
> that CANNOT SEND (from a client in the network).
> I have my laptop's ip# in the /etc/mail/relay-domains
> (as well as several other ip#'s from my network).
> I have my domain in the /etc/mail/access xxx.xxx.xxx
> RELAY (that should allow everyone in my domain to
> send, right?) 
> This is a RH8 box with upgraded sendmail rpms (8.12.8)
> via the k12ltsp apt repositories.

I would follow Les' options and reconfigure the DAEMON_OPTIONS.  Since
it works from command on the machine, and through usermin (which is
running from the local machine as well), it further proves that only
clients not on the local machine are working.  And Les' suggestion
implies that the DAEMON_OPTIONS along with the relay options are needed
to send.  Since you did a yum upgrade just before this happened it
sounds like a safe bet.

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