[K12OSN] backuppc

Dale Sykora dalen at czexan.net
Wed Feb 2 21:26:14 UTC 2005

Les Mikesell wrote:

> On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 12:13, Dale Sykora wrote:
>>	The instructions work well (so far so good).  I did notice that 
>>BackupPC looks for par2 which was not in FC2 and I could not find it. 
>>Is this neccesary?  If so, do you know where I can get it?  Also, I 
>>wanted to mention that I use the rsyncd method with the cwRsync win 
>>client from http://www.itefix.no/ and it seems to work good.  If anyone 
>>has trouble with cygwin-rsyncd, you can give cwRsync a try.
> Par2 is only used for 'archive' hosts if you set $Conf{ArchivePar} to
> something other than 0. Then it generates some error-correcting
> parity bits in the output files.  However, it does still complain 
> if the program doesn't exist.  I think I found my copy here:
> http://parchive.sourceforge.net/
> An 'archive' host is used if you want to convert the compressed/linked
> files into a normal tar copy optionally split into fixed-size chunks
> for writing to tape/cd/dvd, etc. so you can archive it forever or take
> it offsite.
	Thanks for the pointer.  I was able to compile par2 from the source you 
mentioned.  I have a few more questions and we can take this offlist (if 
that is more appropriate).  Can I have more than 1 backup schedule per 
host?  For instance, I have a host with 2 data areas.  One data area is 
changed often and I would like daily full/hourly incremental schedule. 
The second data area changes less often and I would like weekly 
full/daily incremental.  Is this possible?  The other question is what 
appears to be a day light savings time bug.  Notice the time difference 
reported for full start and incremental started back to.

2005-02-02 09:35:52 full backup started for directory eda
2005-02-02 10:32:47 full backup 0 complete, 31301 files, 2016313953 
bytes, 0 xferErrs (0 bad files, 0 bad shares, 0 other)
2005-02-02 14:17:48 incr backup started back to 2005-02-02 08:35:52 for 
directory eda
2005-02-02 14:43:40 incr backup 1 complete, 5895 files, 1286108844 
bytes, 0 xferErrs (0 bad files, 0 bad shares, 0 other)



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