[K12OSN] Spreading the good news

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Thu Feb 3 05:22:04 UTC 2005

Jason wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> There is news that another school board in S.Ont has the LTSP bug and
> has installed LTSP.  Apparently they are very excited about it how well
> it works.
> They wanted a big company to come in and design/build their systems.
> They were told that it can be done without them and use Computers for
> schools pc's.
> In Ontario and I think the rest of Canada there is a program similiar to
> the one Paul mentions called Computers for Schools.  We have used them
> for the one LTSP and they work very well.

Hi Jason,

I'm from Vancouver. I'm the only full class installation of K12LTSP in 
the district right now. There are a couple of others with smaller labs. 
Doing my best to promote it. Nice to hear from others in Canada. What 
district in South Ontario is it?


Robert Arkiletian
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