[K12OSN] Authenticate OS 10.3 to K12LTSP LDAP server (made with script)

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Feb 4 04:19:53 UTC 2005

> First you need to go to "Applications" > "Utilities" > 
> "Directory Access". Select LDAPv3  and select configure.  Set the 
> location for Automatic if it isn't already.  Set the LDAP mappings 
> to "From Server"  (it should be already selected, but select it 
> again so it will prompt you for the domain)  when prompted for the 
> search domain...enter what you put in for a domain when you ran the 
> smbldap-installer script that Matt made. Example....if you put in  
>  example.com   you would enter in the search domain field      
> dc=example,dc=com   (remember no spaces anywhere)   Configure the 
> server name or IP address (I would use the IP address...of your 
> Samba/LDAP server).  

I did that earlier from a tutorial I found out on Google.  Then I logged off 
of the machine and tried to log back in choosing "Other" from the login 
options.  Then I tried to log in with one of the test users I setup after 
the install and that worked on the Win boxes.  I just got the OSX shake and 
was taken back to the username and password fields to try again.  

Am I misinterpreting what the end result should be?  I am assuming that 
after setting up the LDAP server for authentication I should be able to log 
onto the OSX machine with a user from the server. 


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