[K12OSN] freenx problem

Trond Mæhlum trondrm at online.no
Fri Feb 4 08:35:09 UTC 2005

I must say that this FreeNX thing is very interesting. When I use a 
NXClient on a PC it's fast and usable, even for flash. When I use the 
client on a terminal, using NX_LTSP, flash becomes totally unusable. 

Does anyone know the optimal settings to pass to startnx for flash? Most 
webpages which contains educational games for kids use flash. Therefore 
flash is a *must-have*.

In the client for PC, I can set jpeg compression and image quality to 0, 
this helps a lot. Bit for NX_LTSP it doesn't I can't find those 

What about all you others experimenting with NX. How do you get max 
performance on the thinclient?


Trond Mæhlum

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